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Understanding Different Types of Gemstones: Sparkling Gems Decoded

Understanding Different Types of Gemstones: Sparkling Gems Decoded

Olga Drake Olga Drake
6 minute read

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Picture this: You're about to dive into the enchanting world of fine jewellery, and the choices are dazzling but also a tad overwhelming. Don't fret because I'm here to guide you through the universe of the different types of gemstones. This friendly guide will unravel the mysteries behind synthetic, simulated, lab-grown, and treated gemstones. So, grab your favourite cup of tea and let's embark on this glittering journey together!

Synthetic or lab-grown Gemstones: Magic Crafted in Labs

Imagine gemstones being created like magic in a secret laboratory – that's the world of synthetic gemstones! These beauties, also called lab-created, lab-grown or man-made gemstones, are made using fancy technology that mimics the real deal. They're like twins to natural gems, with the same sparkly appearance and unique colours. And guess what? They're even more affordable than those dug out of the earth! Grown in labs to mimic Mother Nature's process, they've got the same superpowers as mined gems but are kinder to the environment and your wallet. Imagine owning a lab-grown diamond that's as stunning as the ones from the earth but without the environmental concerns. It's like sci-fi meets glam, and it's brilliant!

Most people think about synthetic diamonds if they know anything about synthetic gemstones, but the range of lab-created gemstones is much greater than that! Think lab-created sapphires, rubies, emeralds – they've got that WOW factor without the hefty price tag.

Ella Lab Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 3.00ct D/VVS 18k Yellow Gold

Ella Lab Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 3.00ct D/VVS 18k Yellow Gold

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Simulated Gemstones: Look-Alikes with a Twist

Say hello to the chameleons of the gemstone world – simulated gemstones! They're the masters of disguise, looking like real gems but made from materials like glass or plastic. One of the most commonly seen simulants is cubic zirconia; they are cheap and can fool some people because of their brilliant sparkle. However, you'll immediately know the difference when you see a CZ crystal next to a real diamond. That's especially true after a few years of wear as the relatively delicate CZ crystals scratch and chip, causing them to lose their brilliance.

While they do not have the same superpowers as natural or lab-created gems, simulated gemstones can be a go-to option for getting that glamorous look without spending a fortune. Perfect for dressing up and having fun without feeling guilty about the budget! Simulants are often found in costume jewellery to give sparkle at low cost, often with low-quality settings and metalwork. Unlike fine jewellery, costume jewellery is usually not designed to last a lifetime - a few weeks or months is as much as most costume jewellery buyers expect!

If you want high-quality, fine jewellery, you should avoid any simulated (fake) gemstone!

Treated Natural Gemstones: Nature's Glow-Up Secrets

Nature knows how to throw a makeover party, too! Treated natural gemstones are like nature's glow-up secrets. They start as real gemstones but get a little TLC to enhance their colours or fix imperfections. It's like a spa day for gemstones! With treatments like heat, they come out looking more vibrant and captivating. The best part? They're available in a range of styles to fit different budgets. You're getting nature's beauty with a sprinkle of extra dazzle.

In many cases, especially with diamonds, you want to avoid treated gemstones, although some types, such as Tanzanite, are routinely treated to improve colour. Citrine is another gemstone that has become very popular due to its earth tones and low price. This gemstone is quite rarely mined. Most examples are made by heat-treating smoky quartz to give light and medium yellow colours or heat-treated amethyst, resulting in stronger yellows, reddish-orange or orangey brown shades. Natural citrine is usually a pale yellow colour.

When buying gemstones, ask if they have been treated before you open your wallet. Make sure any treatments are appropriate and have not been done to trick you into spending more than you need on an inferior gemstone. Many of our jewellery pieces are sold with a diamond grading certificate describing the main diamond in your jewellery, so you can be sure you are getting what you pay for. You can learn more about diamond grading and certification HERE.

Of course, when buying lab-grown diamonds, you can usually expect no treatments; the manufacturing process for lab-created diamonds means that there are very few flaws or imperfections, and even the colour is usually of high quality – which means clear and white.

In a Glittering Conclusion: Your Gemstone Adventure

So, whether you're dreaming of a jaw-dropping engagement ring, a statement pendant, or a piece of jewellery that tells your story, understanding the gemstone jargon is your secret weapon. Synthetic gems give you the bling without the bill shock; simulated gems let you experiment with elegance.

Lab-grown gems bring the future to your fingertips. Created gems are all about expressing your unique style, and treated natural gems are nature's way of saying, "Check out my glow-up!".

As you dive into the world of the different types of gemstones, remember that your choice isn't just about beauty but what resonates with you. The gemstones you wear aren't just pieces of rock; they're tiny fragments of your personality, journey, and love for the sparkle that life offers. So go ahead, rock that gemstone with confidence and let your inner light shine as brilliantly as the gems themselves!

Lab Diamond Solitaire Stud Bezel Set Earrings 4.00ct D/VVS 18k Yellow Gold

Lab Diamond Solitaire Stud Bezel Set Earrings 4.00ct D/VVS 18k Yellow Gold

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