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About After Diamonds

Because you deserve the best in diamond jewellery. Because the world needs sustainable diamond production. Because lab created diamonds are an ethical source of diamonds.

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Beautiful, Ethical And Great Value

Our Promise

At After Diamond, we believe that you deserve to own fine diamond jewellery. We offer lab created diamond jewellery so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the timeless beauty of high-quality diamonds without ethical compromises. Our UK-designed and handcrafted real diamond jewellery enables you to enjoy higher-quality, larger diamonds at prices that are impossible with mined diamonds.

The Sustainable Choice

Lab created diamonds are a way to buy bigger, better-quality diamonds within your budget. In addition, our lab created diamond jewellery is a responsible, sustainable option that replaces the environmental destruction of diamond mines with clean and ethically sound production of diamonds in high-tech laboratories. When you choose real diamond jewellery made with lab created diamonds, you are saving money and reducing our environmental footprint while protecting our natural environment.

The After Diamonds Difference

Convenience and Choice

When you choose your real diamond jewellery from After Diamonds, you can take all the time you need to choose the fine jewellery that is just right for you. No pressure, no trekking from shop to shop.

Lab Diamond Education

Discover why lab created diamonds are the right option for you – real diamonds, great value, and sustainable production.

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Jewellery Care

Your diamond jewellery is valuable and precious; discover how to take care of it for a lifetime of pleasure.

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