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Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

Our collection of lab created diamond engagement rings offers you the perfect blend of beauty, quality, and value. These diamonds are made in a lab, which ensures they are of the highest quality and can't be told apart from those mined diamonds. Not only are they more affordable than mined diamonds, but they are also ethically produced, making them a responsible choice for your special day. Plus, you'll be able to choose from larger, higher-quality diamonds than with mined diamonds of the same price. Say "I do" to a ring that will sparkle for a lifetime!



Diamond Quality


Main Stone Shape




Eva Lab Diamond Halo Cushion Engagement Ring 0.85ct G/VS in 9k White Gold

Nancy Lab Diamond Halo Pear Engagement Ring 0.85ct G/VS in 9k White Gold

Chloe Lab Diamond Halo Oval Engagement Ring 0.85ct G/VS in Platinum