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Lab-Created Diamond Jewellery - Welcome To A New World!

Lab-Created Diamond Jewellery - Welcome To A New World!

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The world of lab-created diamond jewellery is an exciting and ever-growing industry, offering jewellery lovers the opportunity to express their style and personality through unique pieces at prices significantly lower than in the past.

Lab-created diamonds are ethically sourced, allowing customers to be confident in their purchase, knowing that all aspects of production have been responsibly handled.

Lab-created diamond jewellery provides a modern twist on traditional designs, with cutting-edge technology being used to create beautiful one-of-a-kind jewellery.

Lab-created diamonds offer many advantages when compared to naturally mined diamonds.

These include superior clarity and colour grade and greater affordability due to more efficient manufacturing methods.

With such features, it’s no wonder why lab-created diamond jewellery has become increasingly popular over recent years - providing wearers with the perfect way to show off their individual sense of style while also feeling part of something bigger than themselves.

What Are Lab-Created Diamonds?

Lab-created diamonds are the result of a complex, controlled technological process. They are composed of the same material as naturally formed diamonds and share identical chemical and physical properties with them.

Lab-created diamonds offer an ethical alternative to mined diamonds due to their sustainable sourcing practices and can be certified like traditional stones through organisations such as GIA or IGI. When wearing lab-created diamond jewellery, follow some basic care tips such as avoiding contact with harsh chemicals, removing before showering or exercising, and storing in a soft pouch when not being worn.

The benefits of lab-created diamonds include affordability and quality control that is unmatched by natural resources. In addition, they provide customers with peace of mind knowing they have made an informed choice when purchasing ethically sourced jewellery.

With greater availability than ever before, more consumers are discovering the advantages of choosing lab-grown diamonds over mined ones for their special occasions.

Ella Lab Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 0.50ct G/VS 9k Yellow Gold

Ella Lab Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 0.50ct G/VS 9k Yellow Gold

£460.00 £881.00

Capture the essence of your love with the Ella Lab Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring, a beautiful piece crafted with expert precision in the UK from 9k yellow gold. This ring features a stunning 0.50ct G/VS IGI-certified lab-grown diamond that captures… read more

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The Benefits Of Lab-Created Diamonds

1. Lab-created diamonds offer superior value in terms of affordability compared to mined diamonds and are often a fraction of the cost.

2. Lab-created diamonds possess the same optical, physical, and chemical properties as mined diamonds, making them of equal quality.

3. Lab-created diamonds are an eco-friendly alternative to mined diamonds, as they do not require mining and the associated environmental impacts.

4. Lab-created diamonds are available in a wide variety of colours, allowing customers to choose from a large selection of diamonds to suit their personal style.

5. Lab-created diamonds are traceable back to their original sources, providing customers with peace of mind when making a purchase.


The affordability of lab-created diamonds offers a financial advantage that cannot be overlooked. With price points much lower than those of mined diamonds, yet equal beauty and quality, cost-effectiveness is one of the most attractive benefits of choosing laboratory diamond jewellery.

Consumers who are wise with their wallets can rest easy knowing they’re getting brilliant pieces without breaking the bank. Lab-grown diamonds allow wearers to keep up with the latest trends in fashion jewellery while still staying on budget - something that isn’t always possible when shopping for traditionally mined diamonds.

Investing in lab-created diamond jewellery allows you to have access to luxurious pieces at an attainable price.

Lab Diamond Solitaire Stud Bezel Set Earrings 3.00ct G/VS 18k White Gold

Lab Diamond Solitaire Stud Bezel Set Earrings 3.00ct G/VS 18k White Gold

£2,160.00 £4,121.00

The Lab Diamond Solitaire Stud Bezel Set Earrings feature a stunning 3.00 carats total weight of G/VS-graded lab-grown diamonds. They are handcrafted in 18k white gold with a bezel setting that adds to the earrings' timeless elegance. These earrings are… read more

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The quality of lab-created diamonds is just as good, if not better, than traditionally mined diamonds. Each diamond created in a laboratory undergoes rigorous tests to measure its brilliance and clarity, ensuring that the pieces featured in designer collections are up to par with high standards.

The same cannot be said for conflict or ethically unsound diamonds found in nature due to unknown origin sources.

In terms of durability, lab-grown diamonds have the same hardness rating as their natural counterparts - making them a great investment when considering long-term wearability.

With this knowledge at hand, one can confidently purchase jewellery knowing they're getting an item of superior quality without any ethical concerns attached.


When it comes to sourcing diamonds, lab-created diamonds offer a conflict-free and ethical option. By producing diamonds in laboratories, the environmental impact of mining operations is minimised or eliminated altogether.

In addition, many diamond producers are now offering diamond recycling services for jewellery pieces that no longer hold their former lustre. This process allows customers to have their own diamonds recycled into new items without any additional damage to the environment from mining activities.

Moreover, by focusing on ethical production practices such as ensuring workers' rights are respected and safe working conditions exist throughout the entire supply chain, those who choose lab-created diamonds can rest assured they’re making an informed decision with regard to sustainability.

As such, those looking for stylish yet eco-friendly jewellery should turn to lab-grown stones for a guilt-free solution.

Is The Quality Of Lab Diamonds The Same As Natural Diamonds?

A lab-created diamond is an artificial diamond grown in a laboratory environment, created by using advanced technology that replicates the conditions in which diamonds are formed in nature. Lab-created diamonds offer a number of advantages over natural diamonds, including more sustainable production, more affordable pricing, and greater control over the size and clarity of the diamond.

What Is A Lab-Created Diamond

Lab-created diamonds are an ethical and affordable alternative to mined diamonds. These man-made gems are identical in terms of chemical composition, physical properties, and optical qualities to natural diamonds, making them indistinguishable from their naturally occurring counterparts.

As a result, lab-created stones can be graded just like mined diamonds by gemological laboratories and used for a variety of jewellery styles. Lab-created diamonds are an excellent option for those looking for beautiful diamond pieces without the associated environmental or moral implications.

With stunning sparkle and durability that rivals that of natural diamonds, there's no reason not to consider these gems when shopping for fine jewellery.

Advantages Of Lab-Created Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds offer a range of advantages that make them an attractive option for those looking to purchase fine jewellery.

The ethical sourcing of these gems is often seen as the primary benefit, allowing customers to buy with confidence knowing their stones have been sourced responsibly.

In addition, lab-made diamonds are also more customisable than natural ones when it comes to grading and cuts; this allows buyers to create unique pieces tailored specifically to their needs and desires.

Finally, thanks to advances in modern technology, the quality of many lab-created diamonds can rival or even surpass that of naturally occurring stones - making it easy to get perfect clarity, colour and cut every time.

With such flexibility and peace of mind on offer, it's no wonder why lab-grown diamonds have become so popular amongst jewellery aficionados.

The Affordability Of Lab Created Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds offer a cost-effective alternative to natural diamonds, allowing customers to purchase the same level of quality at a fraction of the price. By eliminating much of the mining and transportation costs associated with sourcing diamonds from nature, lab-created diamonds have become more accessible for those on tighter budgets.

Furthermore, when evaluating ethical implications, synthetic diamond production can be seen as an environmentally conscious choice since it does not require any destructive mining practices or hazardous chemicals in its manufacturing process.

In addition to being generally more affordable than their naturally sourced counterparts, lab-created diamonds also provide unique opportunities for customizing jewellery designs that would otherwise be impossible with traditional mined stones. With a wide selection of cuts, clarity grades, sizes and colours available all at competitive prices, customers are able to create one-of-a-kind rings and other pieces tailored to their exact specifications without breaking the bank.

This is yet another benefit that makes laboratory grown gems increasingly attractive options compared to natural ones.

Lab Diamond Solitaire Necklace Pendant 1.50ct D/VVS in 18k White Gold

Lab Diamond Solitaire Necklace Pendant 1.50ct D/VVS in 18k White Gold

£1,885.00 £3,596.00

Output: Make a statement with this beautiful Lab Diamond Solitaire Necklace Pendant. The 1.50ct D/VVS IGI-certified diamond is set in an exquisite 18k White Gold claw setting, designed and handcrafted in the UK with a British hallmark. The necklace comes… read more

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The affordability and versatility provided by lab created diamonds make them ideal for both newly engaged couples looking for budget friendly rings as well as fine jewellery connoisseurs searching for rare stone shapes and settings. As such, it is no surprise that these man made stones are quickly becoming popular among buyers seeking high quality jewellery at low prices.

At the time of writing in early 2023, lab-grown diamonds cost about 40% less than a naturally mined diamond of the same size and certified quality.

With this newfound popularity comes questions about how eco-friendly these artificial gems truly are.

How Eco-Friendly Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds have significantly lower energy consumption than mined diamonds, making them far more eco-friendly. As they are produced in a laboratory, a reduced chemical risk is associated with lab-grown diamonds. Additionally, the water usage associated with lab-grown diamonds is markedly lower than that of mined diamonds, making them a more sustainable choice.

Energy Consumption

Lab-grown diamonds are a sustainable and energy-efficient alternative to mined diamonds, allowing consumers to enjoy the beauty of diamonds without negatively impacting our planet.

By using renewable energy sources for production in a controlled environment, lab-grown diamonds significantly reduce their carbon footprint compared to traditional mining methods, which require large amounts of diesel fuel and other fossil fuels.

Through this process, customers can be assured that their jewellery is sourced responsibly with minimal environmental impact.

Furthermore, due to its low energy consumption requirements, lab-grown diamond jewellery offers an affordable luxury option as they cost less than natural stones while still providing exceptional quality and brilliance.

In summary, lab-grown diamonds offer both ethical sourcing and energy efficiency when it comes to sourcing your jewellery pieces—making them an excellent choice for those looking for sustainable options.

Chemical Risk

When discussing the eco-friendliness of lab-grown diamonds, it is also important to consider potential chemical risks.

The production process of lab-grown diamonds involves certain chemicals and solvents that must be used to create the conditions for crystal growth.

While these chemicals can be recycled and reused, some health hazards are still associated with their use if proper safety measures are not taken. Most labs are heavily regulated by national governments to ensure that production is clean and safe for both employees and the wider environment.

As professional jewellers, we must ensure that all minerals used in our products are ethically sourced and adhere to stringent safety standards to protect both our customers and the environment.

In this way, we can guarantee that any jewellery purchased from us has been produced responsibly while maintaining high quality and ethical sourcing standards.

By investing in sustainable practices such as lab-grown diamond jewellery, consumers have access to luxurious pieces without compromising on either sustainability or ethics.

Eva Lab Diamond Halo Cushion Engagement Ring 0.85ct G/VS in 9k Yellow Gold

Eva Lab Diamond Halo Cushion Engagement Ring 0.85ct G/VS in 9k Yellow Gold

£705.00 £1,346.00

Experience luxury with the Eva Lab Diamond Halo Cushion Engagement Ring, handcrafted by experts in the UK to the highest standards. This ring features a stunning 0.85-carats of diamonds, including a 0.50 carat, G/VS certified cushion-cut diamond at the centre… read more

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Water Usage

In addition to the possible chemical risks involved in lab-grown diamond production, it is also important to consider their water usage.

The process requires a significant amount of water for cooling and cleaning, which can be detrimental in areas that are already facing water scarcity. Our diamonds are sourced from labs in areas where this is not an issue, but you should check the sourcing of the lab diamond jewellery you buy as a matter of course.

By investing in sustainable sourcing practices such as lab-grown diamonds, consumers have access to luxurious pieces without compromising on either sustainability or ethics while reducing energy consumption and their carbon footprint.

Lab Diamond Production  - Much Cleaner And Safer Than Natural Diamonds!

Concerns about potential issues with water and chemicals are very minor in comparison to the very real ecological issues that happen with the production of natural diamonds. As a single example, it is estimated that around 250 tons of ore need to be extracted from the earth and processed in order to produce a single one-carat diamond. In addition, it is estimated that up to 50% of the original rough diamond can be lost during cutting and polishing, meaning that even more material needs to be processed to produce a high-quality one-carat diamond.

Diamond mining can have significant environmental impacts, including habitat destruction, water pollution, and soil erosion, among others. These are not issues with lab-grown diamonds.

At After Diamonds, we strive to ensure that all minerals used in our products adhere to stringent safety standards so that our customers can enjoy beautiful pieces with peace of mind knowing they were produced responsibly. Part of that process is that each lab diamond is provided with a diamond report from IGI so you and we know the origins of the diamond and how it was made.

Nancy Lab Diamond Halo Pear Engagement Ring 0.85ct G/VS in 9k White Gold

Nancy Lab Diamond Halo Pear Engagement Ring 0.85ct G/VS in 9k White Gold

£705.00 £1,346.00

Fall in love with the timeless elegance of the Nancy Lab Diamond Halo Pear Engagement Ring in 9k White Gold. Expertly crafted to perfection, this ring features a stunning lab-grown pear-shaped diamond surrounded by a halo of glittering accent diamonds.… read more

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The world of lab-created diamond jewellery is one of great potential and opportunity. The advantages to this type of jewellery are vast, from its affordability in comparison to natural diamonds to their eco-friendly production.

Lab-created diamond jewellery offers a quality equal or better than that of natural stones, making lab diamond jewellery an ideal choice for those seeking luxury items at affordable prices. Lab-created diamond pieces should be considered for any consumer looking for fine jewellery, as they have so much to offer.

As well as being economical and eco-friendly, these gems can provide an attractive addition to any collection without compromising on quality or durability. People who choose lab-grown diamonds over naturally mined ones can be confident that they’re making wise financial and environmental decisions.

Due to its many benefits, lab-created diamond jewellery is quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional gemstones. From increased affordability and environmental friendliness to the assurance that each piece contains high-quality gems with no compromise made on quality, it's easy to see why more people are choosing lab-created diamonds when selecting their next piece of jewellery.

The After Diamonds Lab Created, Real Diamond, Collection

Here at After Diamonds, we have created collections of real diamond jewellery with diamonds made in the lab. All of our designs are created here in the UK and handcrafted right here by British craftsmen. We offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee on every piece of jewellery.

Please take a few minutes to explore our collections and imagine wearing larger, higher quality diamonds than you had dreamed possible! Let our designers and craftsmen inspire you!

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